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                                                                                         Derenda at Voila' Salon Suite


Developing  a passion for the beauty industry at the tender age of sixteen I began my journey to become a platform artist.

I  focused on my craft and continued my education through hair shows and  being mentored by great stylists  and  colorists .

There was a  point in time that I decided to go into teaching and became an Educator and representative for Tressa in pursuit of my dreams.

Life had other plans for me. I developed  an unending passion for Color. It has continued to inspire and excite me throughout my career that as spanned over 30 years.

I am also a formal hair designer that has trained with some of the best in the industry, one of them being the beloved Martin Parsons.  I perfected my skills in formal hair design and incorporated many of  his techniques into my work for weddings, fashion shows, and formal events.

Please be my guest at Voila' and experience what it feels like to be pampered by a professional.

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